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Our mission is to respond to the needs of our customers with Urgency, Action and Accountability. We exist to provide our customers the superior quality and premium service they expect in the most economical way!


AJP brings 50 years of transportation experience to our customers. With an extensive fleet of vacuum pneumatic bulk trailers and van trailers we are equipped to handle your transportation needs. AJP has two locations located on class A railroads to allow customers flexibility in moving products closer to their end users.


There is nothing complicated about liquid deicing products. They are produced from one of Earth’s simple yet valuable resources, natural brine deposits found underground. What happens once it leaves the ground is what makes it special. Chloride products are used for both dust and erosion control. The hygroscopic (attracts moisture) characteristics give it the ability to maintain natural surfaces for months at a time with a single application.

Winter Applications

Liquid snow and ice control products are the perfect solution for many applications. Pre-treat roads and walkways for a great anti-icer! Applied to snowy and icy roads, it is a powerful deicer. Mixed with concrete, it accelerates setting time. Our products offer you the highest levels of quality, performance, and cost effectiveness.